Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Anti-spyware tools

There are some spyware-removers that are absolutely free to download. Quite a few of these tools perform almost the same as and many times even better than many of the paid ones. Why choose a pay version when you can find the same protection for free? If you want to download free spyware removal programs, search in MSN Live for keywords like "free spyware removal tools", or something similar and you can find a good number of tools. Nonetheless, take care before downloading spyware scanners as there are a large number of malicious spyware removal tools.

Caution! Many "rouge" spyware removal tools themselves are spyware or viruses. For this reason, always install spyware removers from reputed repositories like These sites provide software only after a complete analysis. In addition to this, they also offer user opinions which help in giving you a better idea about the software application you want to download and install.

When you down-load any software from websites, please scan with a antivirus software before opening. Most questionable spyware scanners can be discovered by scanning with anti-virus scanners. This will stop fake anti-spyware tools from getting installed on your PC. Sometimes you may also see pop up advertisements or fake system dialog boxes saying "WARNING! Your computer is infected! Buy [some software] to remove it!". Many a time these are rogue spyware removal programs that infect your computer with trojans and spyware if you install them.

One of the popular free spyware remover is Micro Soft Windows defender. It is included by default in the latest OS--Vista but is also available as a free download for Xp. You should have a genuine Windows OS to download and use it. It helps protect your computer from popups, slow system performance, and security issues caused by spyware and adware by detecting and removing known malicious programs from your system in real-time.

Another popular spyware scanner is Ad Aware Free version. This edition is free for personal use only and it should not be used for profit purposes. The latest edition has many new additions like advanced malware sensing against spyware, ad-ware, trojans & browser hijackers, fraud tools & fake applications, key loggers and improved root-kit removal system. It is also very light on memory usage.

* For more information check out the free spyware removal web site.

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