Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Anti-Spyware

There are many spyware scanners that are absolutely free to download and use. A good number of of these scanners function almost the same as and many times even better than many of the non-free versions. Why go for a paid software when you can find the same security for nothing? If you wish to download free spyware removers, search in Google for related keywords like "free spyware software", etc. and you can get a good number of scanners. However, exercise caution before downloading and installing the software as there are a large number of fake spyware removers.

Caution! Some "rouge" spyware removal software themselves have spyware or ad ware. For added security, always download and install spyware removers from good repositories like These websites include software applications only after a thorough scanning for spyware. In addition to this, they also allow customer reviews which help in giving a better idea about the software application you wish to download and install.

When you down load any binary application from the Internet, always scan with a virus remover before installing. Almost all suspicious spyware scanners can be discovered by using anti-virus software. A quick scanning will stop rogue anti-spyware programs from getting installed on your computer. Sometimes you may also see pop up banners or fake Windows dialog boxes displaying "WARNING! Your system is infected with spyware! Buy [software name] to remove it!". Many a time these are rogue spyware removal tools that infect your computer system with trojans and spyware if you install them.

One of the frequently used free spyware remover is Windows defender. Windows defender is included by default in Windows Vista and is also available as a free download for Windows-Xp. You have to validate your Windows installation to be able to download and install it on your computer. It protects your PC from pop-ups, slow system performance, and security threats caused by spyware by finding and blocking known spyware and malwate from your system in real time.

Another recommended spyware removal software is Ad Aware Free. This software is free for home use only and it should not be used for business purposes. The latest version features many new features like advanced malware sensing against spyware, ad-ware, trojan horses & browser hijackers, fraud tools & fake software, keyboard loggers and improved rootkit removal system. It is also very light on resource usage.

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